Adellat, sl, is a company created in 1999 and dedicated to the manufactures and assembles metal components for the overall industry. Technical processing of stainless steel, aluminium and other newly devolped materials is also crarried out as an added value on the R+D+I basis.

Our main goal is to be able to offer great quality products by serving and satifying our customers, along with a continuous engagement in product development.

We are located in an excellent site halfway between Barcelona and Gerona areas, and it results in a quiqk supply of the product to our customers.

We have a building plant of 1,068.61 sq m. Inside it is found an overhead crane, a hydraulic ring and a great facility wich will help make large metal structures and let in trailers to put down their loads. Adjoining buildings with a combined surface area of 2,257.81 sq m and a total area of 5,396.64 sq are for the use of the company only. Besides, the company owns fully equipped office ground of 120 sq m.

Our facilities are fitted with modern machinery for performing operations that require special treatment complexity.

As well as some ABB 4-6 axis robots, we own more equipment for weling metal, and 12 work benches, smoke extraction equipment, compressors, some foot frills and cut machinery.

Finally, we want to stress our commitment to continuously invest in modernising our facilities and plant implements, so that we can always offer our customers the market's ultimate benefits.